Demo submissions

You can submit your music demo to record label on this page!

To all the dreamers, the creators, the rebels, and the believers, we implore you to join our music label, where your artistry will find a home, your talent will flourish, and your dreams will become your reality. Submit a demo for record label and together, we can embark on a musical odyssey that will ripple across the world, bringing joy, solace, and inspiration to all who hear its melody.

So, the stage is set, the lights are ready to shine, and the world eagerly awaits your song. Join hands with our music label, for together, we shall create a symphony that will resound for eternity. Let your voices be heard, let your instruments play, and let your spirit soar through the magic of music. Embrace the power within you and let your own musical masterpiece come alive!

Your music must meet the following requirements:

- You can submit your music demo exclusively to SICK DANCE, not to other labels.
- Are Soundcloud links only.
- We will contact you if we are interested in your production.
- Do not send unfinished tracks, remixes or mashups.
- Do not submit tracks with copyrighted material.
- Do not send MP3, WAV or other files in email.

If we haven't contact you in 30 days, you are free to send your track to other record labels.