Audio Mastering Tips

In this mastering tutorial ENDEGO share 5 essential audio mastering tips and tricks, which will help you improve your mixes!

All I Need Is You - ENDEGO

The techno track of the rising star of electronic music is an ethereal and captivating composition that seamlessly intertwines elements of electronic beats, immersive textures, and melodic harmonies.


Sick Dance Radio Show is an immersive audio journey that takes listeners on a sonic adventure, inviting them to lose themselves in the music, connect with the rhythm, and experience the euphoria and joy that dance music brings.

Here with Me - Zayfall

The kick drum punches through the mix, providing a solid foundation for the song. As the song progresses, the bassline takes center stage, adding a deep and driving groove to the track.

ALL THE TIME by Varias

Ready for the weekend? We've lined up awesome new release to kickstart your weekend.


The techno track of the rising star of electronic music is an ethereal and captivating composition...


Heb is 100% committed with the public to bring amazing vibes and interesting audio stories.

Waiting For Summer by Nuclear Maniac feat. Ivan Galkin

Check it out the new music video by Nuclear Maniac!

King Jong Ouai

King Jong Ouai is a french dj and producer when he's not gardening and when he's not pushing 130kg on the bench press, he produces Basshouse in his dirty room.


This is AkMa! New release, "Entrance" in Minimal / Deep Tech style released on MojoHeadz label.

Madchest Drum by Cartoon

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

James Cudi

My main goal after going to shows and festivals was to be able to create music and make people feel the way I felt when I go to shows, happy as hell!

Burning Man by Endego

With early support from Afrojack, Showtek and more, 'Burning Man' from Endego is out now for your listening pleasure!

Salva Romanelli - Dreamers

Salvador Romanelli AKA Salva Romanelli is a Musician, Singer, Producer and Dj.

Guardian Angel by Nuclear Maniac feat. Olga Suskova

New lyric video by Nuclear Maniac and Olga Suskova.